Wedding Services by Pastor Candace E. Hardnett
Congratulations On your engagement. You can count on Pastor Candace to bring your dreams of a beautiful wedding ceremony to life. She customizes each couple’s ceremony which means that your nuptials will be special. Pastor Candace is an experienced officiant that specializes in weddings, holy unions, baby dedications, and baptisms. You deserve the best. Pastor Candace is highly sought after for her attention to detail and her commitment to excellence. She is dedicated to making your special day memorable, as she tells your love story, your way.

The 1st Step

 The First Meeting
The initial meeting, which lasts for about 30 minutes, is an opportunity to get to know one another. You will be asked specific questions regarding your ceremony. It is also your chance to ask me anything questions as well. It is my goal to meet your needs. I will help you organize your thoughts regarding your ceremony. Please come with as much information about your wedding as possible.


You will not be officially “booked” until you confirm that I have been chosen to officiate your ceremony. During the wedding season, it is common to have several requests for the same date and time. Your notice of intention is made by placing a non-refundable deposit of $125. This makes it possible for me to turn away others who may ask for the same date and time. The full payment is due 1 week prior to the ceremony.

The 2nd Step    Premarital Counseling
Premarital counseling is highly recommended. Topics include, conflict resolution, working through differences, assessing marriage goals, coming out to family and friends. The cost of premarital sessions is additional to the wedding fee.
Counseling should be booked as soon as possible. Please do not wait to book sessions a few weeks before the wedding.
All counseling must be paid in advance.
Wedding Day

I will arrive at the wedding venue 45 minutes prior to the start time. If a wedding is set to start at noon, I will arrive at 11:15am. Be mindful that there may be another wedding scheduled after yours. Your time allowance is one hour and thirty minutes after your wedding start time. In other words, I anticipate being finished no later than an hour and a half after your wedding start time. It is important that your wedding start on time.
Fees .

Fees and Services

Fees and Services
On-Site Elopements
$150 – includes travel*, and your choice of a generic ceremony**
Customized Wedding Ceremony
$250 – includes travel*, customized ceremony**, unlimited consultation

Deluxe Wedding Package
$425 – includes travel*, customized ceremony**, unlimited consultation, rehearsal, 3 premarital sessions

Rehearsal/Practice $50 – For one hour practice

Premarital Counseling $200 – 3 sessions (45 mins each) $300 – 5 sessions (45 mins each)

Mileage $.50 per mile (for every mile over 20)

If your event is over 150 miles from my home, air travel and hotel accommodations are required.

*travel up to 20 miles **choice of civil or religious

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